Current Lab Members

Kieran Samuk
Principal Investigator

Kieran is an Assistant Professor in the EEOB Department at UC Riverside.

He is interested in evolutionary genetics, particularly the interaction between recombination and the forces of evolution.

About Kieran


HBSc – University of Toronto.
PhD – University of British Columbia (with Dolph Schluter).
NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow – Duke (with Mohamed Noor).

Kieran is passionate about the natural world, the positive role of science in society, and making academia a better place for everyone.


Lab Manager

We are recruiting an enthusiastic Lab Manager/Jr. Specialist to help coordinate the lab's research and technicial activities.


Postdoctoral Associate

We are seeking motivated postdoctoral researchers to lead key projects in the lab while continuing their scientific training. Wet lab, field, and computational projects are all available. Always happy to discuss additional project ideas as well. Get in touch!


Graduate student

We are always seeking to recruit enthusiasic PhD students to learn and study along with us in the lab. All graduate positions in the lab are fully funded through the EEOB graduate program and the lab.